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甘肃省卫生支农抽查问题多 21名支农队员被通报批评

2019-09-19 04:58 来源:中国贸易新闻

  甘肃省卫生支农抽查问题多 21名支农队员被通报批评














  甘肃省卫生支农抽查问题多 21名支农队员被通报批评

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Editor's Note: The 24 solar terms are determined by changes in the sun's position in the zodiac during the year. They were first used in China, and now are followed in many other parts of the world. In China, the 24 solar terms were created thousands of years ago to guide agricultural production. They also reflect China's rich history through the seasonal festivals, special foods, cultural ceremonies, family gatherings and even healthy living tips that correspond with each solar term. To learn about the history and continuing celebrations of China's solar terms is to embrace a deeper understanding of China's fascinating past and present.

甘肃省卫生支农抽查问题多 21名支农队员被通报批评

What Chinese Eat During the Minor Snow


With the coming of Minor Snow, there are more cold fronts from the north. The temperature drops to zero degrees or below. If there is any precipitation......

More Chestnut, Peanut and Black Fungus

There is a Chinese saying that goes: the nutrition gotten on Start of Winter Day can support you throughout the whole winter. Chinese people follow the rules of “the hiding of the yang” to keep their health in winter. In order to “nourish the yang,” people get proper nutrition and supplement it with exercise.......


During Start of Winter, the qi of the heart and the lungs is weak and that of the kidneys is strong. Thus in this season, people will eat less raw or cold food and food with many calories......

Health Preserving in Summer Time

May?6 is the Start of Summer solar term. During this period, the weather is hot and can change our physiological state. Summer is a crucial time to nourish the heart. For this reason, we should pay more attention to heart preservation.......

How to drive laziness away in spring

In spring, people are always worried about the laziness brought on by the coming of spring. The general laziness in spring is not a disease, but is caused by reasons like the change in temperature. Therefore, the laziness in spring can be dealt with successfully through the adjustment of one's diet and exercise......


Erecting the egg at the Start of Spring

A lot of people have heard the story of the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus making the egg stand on the table. He gently knocked the egg onto the table and made it stand......

Custom Food in Major Heat

It is a folk tradition to nourish the human body in the periods of "Sanfu" (the three periods of the hot season) and "Sanjiu" (the first 27 days of winter). The main nutrient components of poultry meat are high quality protein,......

Eating Longan in White Dew Season

There is a tradition in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province that eating longan on the day of White Dew can help nourish the human body, and one longan is as nutritious as an egg. Although it sounds exaggerated, it makes sense in certain ways. Longan does have the benefits of tonifying the Qi, reinforcing the spleen, nourishing the blood, calming the nerves and improving one's looks.......

Having Dumplings on Winter Solstice

During Winter Solstice of the traditional Chinese calendar, dumplings become the essential festival food. Every one in China will eat dumplings in Winter Solstice, so supermarkets and store are quick to sell out of the festival favorite......

Poems & Proverbs

Grain Buds in Ouyang Xiu's poem

One of his poems, Happy Rural Life Poems, Part II, is one of the best depictions of rural life in Grain Buds Time[full]

Farming Proverb of White Dew

White Dew indicates that the autumn is coming, and it is getting cooler [full]

Tang Poetry: Having a Tour in Early Summer

In early summer, the sun rises very early; flowers and grass give off a fragrance in southern land.[full]

Yuan Verse: the Start of Spring

Women walk on the road wearing gold hair pins and paper spring swallows[full]

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